Do Nothings

Fitting in is overrated.

Do Nothings (2023) is a coming-of-age musical comedy, revolving around the life of "Tamarin," a teenage singer-songwriter plagued by paralyzing stage fright. Tamarin is also Jew(ish), non-binary, awkward, and out of place in their rural hometown. To make matters worse - their Sephardic great grandmother, Millie, unexpectedly pays a visit - and insists on staying until Tamarin conquers their stage fright and performs. And oh yea - Millie is, well, no longer among the living.
Using humor, wit, original music, and real-life events, Do Nothings follows Tamarin's unorthodox family, their seemingly "liberal" school, and Tamarin's unwavering commitment to staying true to themselves in a slow to change binary culture.
Now, especially as the rights of the transgender community hang in the balance, we urgently need films and television that authentically portray the journeys of queer and nonconformist youth; if only to create a platform where youth can see themselves reflected back, understand they are not alone, and be empowered to continue as their unspoiled selves.  
Written, Directed, Produced by - Amy Poux,
Cinematographer/Editor - Marian Dealy,
Executive Producers Julie Goldman & Chris Clements/Motto Pictures,
Starring Trudy Poux, Co-Starring Lori Wilner, Uzell D. McFarland, Kaethe Fine, David Engel, Tucker Poux, Caitlyn Classey, Phil Mansfield.
Original music: Trudy Poux, "Two Front Teeth" album
Do Nothings is currently being submitted to festivals.

Project Background

Do Nothings has undergone six years of development, rooted in the personal narrative of Trudy Poux as a non-binary individual. Amidst the backdrop of a pandemic, an extreme right presidency, and the resurgence of anti-trans legislation, Do Nothings came to fruition in 2023, a testament to the heart and sweat equity of many that came together to tell this story.  An entirely independent endeavor, boasting an all-local cast and crew, with 70% of its members identifying as LGBTQ+IA2S or women, Do Nothings is a love letter to the nonconformist youth who summon the courage to confront each day, despite the uncertainties of othering that lie ahead. @donothingsfilm