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DO NOTHINGS is a 3-part film series about "Tamarin" (they/them), a non-binary teen growing up in rural upstate New York.  Told in short form, each film segment draws us into Tamarin’s imperfectly vivid world.  Starring Trudy Poux, Piper Levine, Directed by Amy Poux, Produced by Northguild Production and HUDSY TV.
The Do Nothings Series

Part 1: "Do Nothings"

“DO NOTHINGS” part 1, is a 10-minute short film that introduces us to fourteen-year-old "Tamarin" (they/them) and their outsider best friend, "Alex" (she/her). The film takes place over one day and brings us into their bubble, an irrepressible escapade of dancing, vamping, gorging, and confessions. Torn between fitting in and forging their own paths, when Alex admits to vaping, it tests the strength of their friendship and the safe space the two of them have always known.
Produced in 2019, DO NOTHINGS was Written/Directed by Amy Poux, Produced by Northguild Production and HUDSY, and starred Trudy Poux and Piper Levine. DO NOTHINGS is currently being submitted to festivals and has not yet been released. 

Part 2: "I'm Okay"

I'M OKAY is the second installation in the DO NOTHINGS series. I'M OKAY will be a 30-minute short that moves beyond the bubble of Tamarin and Alex’s friendship, revealing the world of Tamarin’s life – their blended upstate family, their faux “liberal” school, and how they deal with the othering that comes with being themselves in a slow-to-change culture. Using humor, wit, and real-life events, I'M OKAY follows Tamarin's daily life and the shifts in perception that they propel in their rural town.
I’M OKAY champions the originality that exists within all of us and considers how we can honor our differences, savor our uniqueness, and create an equal space for those of us who dare to be singular, unique, free.
STATUS: I’M OKAY will shoot in Ulster County, NY, summer/fall 2020 (Covid19 pending).