Do Nothings Project Background

Do Nothings has undergone six years of development, rooted in the personal narrative of Trudy Poux as a non-binary individual. Amidst the backdrop of a pandemic, an extreme right presidency, and the resurgence of anti-trans legislation, Do Nothings came to fruition in 2023, a testament to the heart and sweat equity of many that came together to tell this story.  An entirely independent endeavor, boasting an all-local cast and crew, with 70% of its members identifying as LGBTQ+IA2S or women, Do Nothings is a love letter to the nonconformist youth who summon the courage to confront each day, despite the uncertainties of othering that lie ahead.

Do Nothings (ultra short)

The Do Nothings project began in 2017 as an ultra short 10-minute film that introduces us to fourteen-year-old "Tamarin" (they/them) and their outsider best friend, "Alex" (she/her). Set against the backdrop of a single day, we are brought into their bubble, an irrepressible escapade of dancing, vamping, gorging, and confessions. Torn between fitting in and forging their own paths, when Alex admits to vaping, it tests the strength of their friendship and the safe space the two of them have always known.
Written/Directed by Amy Poux, Produced by Northguild Production and HUDSY, starring Trudy Poux and Piper Levine. Awardee, NewFilmmakers NY AltFest, 2021, Dist: Echelon worldwide streaming.

I'm Okay (ultra short)

In this ultra-short sequel to Do Nothings, I'm Okay picks up "Tamarin's" story as a high school student. Based in the 2020 pandemic, masked and desperate - we find Tamarin seeking refuge from the social scene that doesn't accept them. We are introduced to "Jaden", Tamarin's brother, who is suffering from a severe case of Senioritis. Together, they carve out a sibling oasis that staves off the outside world for a moment.
Awards: NewFilmmakers NY (2021), New York Women in Film and Television/iWoman Fest, (2022). Written/irected by Amy Poux, starring Trudy Poux and Tucker Poux (cousins). Produced by HUDSY. @donothingsfilm