Equity Education


It is no longer enough for schools to have rainbow colored flags, single assembly programs, or weekly clubs that meet privately.  We need a space, in full view, where diverse young people are accepted, where we create a NEW normal that accurately reflects the diverse young people and adults in our schools, towns and communities. Starting in 2020/2021, “Do Nothings” will be providing its Virtual Toolkit! Do Nothings screenings and a virtual program designed to support school communities to prevent discrimination and othering of LGBTQ+ young people.
There is a plethora of evidence that lack of age appropriate LGBTQ+ education is not only affecting children's wellbeing,
it is impacting the very fabric of our school cultures.
We seek to normalize the experience of being an LGBTQ+ youth by supporting surrounding communities to become allies, and give them the tools and language of acceptance. Do Nothings 3-pronged approach expands the definition of "normal" and opens up the space for diverse experiences, backgrounds, and points of view. The Do Nothings Virtual Toolkit will include: 
  • Film Screenings - Screenings of the film along with EdPuzzle interactive edits of the video, provide opportunities for students and teachers to pause, reflect, and learn.
  • School wide student workshops - Students will have access to a Do Nothings interactive workbook and learn the language of support, identify and use LGBTQ+ terminology, and learn to share and accept the parts of themselves that can feel unwelcome and different. Together we will create new customs, practices, and attitudes that use acceptance, empathy and kindness as our leading edge.
  • Ongoing advocacy throughout the year - Each classroom will be guided to design and adopt a project that they innovate which stands for this group of values and beliefs. These projects will engage us throughout the year and reconnect us to this journey.   
This three-pronged approach seeks to take support out of the shadows and bring it into the mainstream of school culture, so that discrimination is the thing that is "othered" rather than diverse people. 
To bring the Do Nothings Virtual Toolkit to your school community Contact Us!